Land Owners

Local Land Owners Make Snowmobiling Possible

Snowmobiling is a privilege and is permitted only through the traditional generosity of thousands of property owners. Eighty percent of Vermont’s trail system is on private land. Respecting the land by showing courtesy and not littering will ensure that New England’s best trail system remains open for years to come.


Thank you to land owners in The Mad River Valley who help make our trail system a success.

Landowner permission is required to ride on private land.
Local clubs obtain landowner permission for trails on private property. All riders in Vermont must belong to VAST and a local club to ride legally in the state. There is a substantial fine for riding without a VAST TMA.

VAST trails are for winter use only!
Permission to use snowmobile trails does not extend to use of these trails by ATVs, four-wheelers, motor or mountain bikes, hiking or other uses, unless specifically authorized. A VAST trail is a trail only during the snow season; any other use will be considered trespassing. Please respect the rights of the landowners and remember to say thank you.

Landowners are not responsible for liability and are protected by Vermont Statutes.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can grant access to your land for winter trail use, please contact Trail Master, Tom Clark: 802-583-4040 or Doug Wilson: 802-496-3836